Mini-Course: Reversing Chronic Cardiometabolic And Hormonal Issues

How To Finally Break Free From Cardiometabolic And Hormonal Issues

  • WHY hypertension is more than just “salt intake” (and why blood pressure pills won’t help balance it in the long run)

  • WHY releasing weight seems impossible (and the secret to rebooting insulin insensitivity and metabolism from the inside out)

  • HOW to figure out the real cause for diabetes -- why it’s reversible (and what NOT to do when it comes to treating it)

  • HOW to identify the hidden culprits behind high cholesterol (and how to rebalance it naturally)

Stop Spinning Your Wheels


Get an eye-opening look at why you have trouble achieving your health goals and why your current approach is keeping you stuck. I also outline how our approach is decidedly different from what you’ve tried so far.


Use the “Getting Your Health Back On Track Guide” as a companion to the mini-course. Rather than giving you bandaid solutions, this guide will help your start meditating about the real health topics you should be thinking about.


After you’ve watched the transformational videos, you’ll be excited to dive deeper into my masterclass so you can get started on your path to feeling your best self and unlock an approach to resolve your wellness issues for good!


For those that want to get more specific answers to your chronic health hurdles, apply for a free call with our team to discuss best next steps on your health recovery. Plus, we can discuss what our process looks like.

Your journey back to health starts today!

Dr. Gregory Fryer, M.D.

Dr. Fryer had a dream of being a medical physician since 6th grade. Health was a sense of calling and he enjoyed helping people more than anything else.

Dr. Fryer completed Family Medicine residency at Martin Army Community Hospital in Georgia after completing internship at Tripler Army Medical Center in Hawaii. He was a staff Family Medicine physician for over 18 years before building his own practice.

Around 2015, his wife and co-worker, Erien Fryer, came across functional medicine. Together they did training in the Institute for Functional Medicine. They found the training invigorating and refreshing.

In order to determine the root causes of dysfunctions, Medical Direct Care started practicing functional medicine. As a result they integrate diet and efforts outside of the insurance industry.

This is now the bedrock of what Medical Direct Care practices today to take people from sick and hopeless to well and hopeful.

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